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Account GeneousPassword Geneous-Sync WEB 10.2 (PGS)

Password Synchronization

PASSWORD GENEOUS-SYNC is a sophisticated multi platform tool providing transparent and secure distributed Users Password Management and Synchronization, enabling users to manage passwords easily and securely. Users need only remember one ’Enterprise’ password to access any number of computers, this way making user accounts password management and enterprise user administration a lot easier and clearer.


PASSWORD GENEOUS-SYNC allows a sophisticated rule base to be created that provides complete control over password propagation, allowing a secure password management. The rules apply user defined tests to match incoming password change notifications. When a match is found, the appropriate user-defined actions are applied. The actions specify the accounts on remote systems that need to be updated for the specified action initiated in the active directory change password facility. PASSWORD GENEOUS-SYNC ensures that when a user changes the password on any managed platform or application, the new password is securely propagated to all the hosts to which the user has been authorized.


Full wildcard matching is supported against incoming password change notifications, as is matching against user names, servers names, Windows local or global groups, OpenVMS UICs etc. You can also specify logically associated groups of hosts, which can be referenced by a mnemonic host group name. This host group name can be used in rules as part of either tests or actions.




  • PASSWORD GENEOUS-SYNC intercepts passwords when they are changed.
  • In a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or domain environment, this can be run on the domain controllers.
  • This new password is transmitted in an encrypted form to the Password Controller/Propagator, a module of the Account Geneous server.
  • The strong encryption used by all the PGS communications ensures that password secrecy is maintained as the changes are propagated.
  • The Password Propagator module of the GENEOUS server determines from the rules how to propagate the password change to target hosts for which the user has access.
  • Support to synchronize to any LDAP Directory.
  • Full audit trail with centralised reporting.
  • Different User-id’s may be mapped together to ensure maximum benefit.
  • No code installed at the desktop.
  • API’s and user exits to integrate all applications.
  • Password Rule checking to ensure compliance with policies.



1. User resets his password through the machine-specific interface
2. The AG password interceptor detects this password change and sends it to the AG Server
3. The AG password propagator reads the rules for propagation from the HR database (3a) or it's own editable rules repository (3b)
4. The AG Propagator sends the password changes to the target machines




  • AIX
  • HP_UX
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • OS/400
  • OS/390
  • Open VMS
  • Windows 2000/2003 AD
  • LDAP

Applications and Databases


  • MS Exchange
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Lotus Notes/Domino
  • SAP/R3
  • Novell eDirectory



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Current issues

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