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From the very first moment you enter in contact with GENEOUS, you will be treated as a valuable friend. In the first place we will go through comprehensive conversations, questions and answers, in using the available tools like Telephone, Emails, Video conferencing. You will speak to people that do understand the business and are one to one with you to identify your needs. They will help you to implement the best and most secure Software (e.g. Identity Management Software or User Administration Software) available in order to assure secure password management, easy and clear Access and Identity Management for your company.




Usually after a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) and a due preparation of the Product(s) servicing your needs, we will start the phase of Implementation. Our technical team supports your IT staff as much as desired in the whole phase of Implementation. If so wished, we can also take over 100% of the work. This can comprise a single site of a business or a corporate wide deployment with many companies in different countries. Regardless of the size of the company and the amount of Users involved, GENEOUS will deliver a full workable solution ready for User Administration as well as running smoothly for the end user.

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