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Account GeneousPassword Geneous Self-Reset-Plus WEB 10.2 (PGR)

Password Self-Reset

PASSWORD GENEOUS SELF-RESET-PLUS is a self-service software solution for secure password management. Besides this the Company can allow the User to enter, add or modify specific fields of his own. The password reset tool enables users throughout the enterprise to easily self reset passwords. This self service password change reduces the time it takes to reset a password by an average of 80-90%.


PASSWORD GENEOUS SELF-RESET-PLUS is easily installed and the organization can start reaping the benefits immediately. Accessing through the active directory (AD) self service password reset facility, Users can reset their lost or forgotten passwords. This action dramatically reduces the number of help desk calls. This slashes operating costs associated with the help desk. In addition, productivity improves on several counts. First, users are not locked out of their systems whilst waiting for technical support. Second, support staff can be deployed on more strategic issues within the enterprise.




  • Improved security: enforces enterprise security standards.
  • Eliminates help-desks calls for password resets, due to its self password reset feature.
  • Reduces help-desk staff burn-out and resources.
  • Optimizes end-user productivity.
  • Scalable so that it can grow and integrate to meet the future security criteria of the organization.
  • Productivity gains propagate through the enterprise to deliver a rapid Return of Investment.



1 – Password reset action
2 – Transmit the request to the Geneous PW Reset Server
3 – Request information about accounts owned by user
4 – Retrieve accounts information from DB Server
5 – Perform password reset on target systems
6 – Transmit the response to the web server
7 – Display the results in the user's browser




  • AIX
  • HP_UX
  • Linux
  • Sun Solaris
  • OS/400
  • OS/390
  • Open VMS
  • Windows 2000/2003 AD
  • LDAP

Applications and Databases


  • MS Exchange
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Lotus Notes/Domino
  • SAP/R3
  • Novell eDirectory



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Current issues

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  • New telephone number +41 44 747 52 60
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