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Identity ManagementGENEOUS SOFTWARE provides Identity Management (IAM and IdM Management) Solutions to increase enterprise security with enhanced access control and improved efficiency. Our Identity Management Software assures authentication, role based access control (RBAC), database and directory integration and reduction of helpdesk calls are all provided with the implementation of GENEOUS Solutions.


The ability to implement the solutions quickly in order to provide a rapid Return On Investment (ROI) is a fundamental part of the GENEOUS design. The scalability and ROI provided by GENEOUS solutions make them ideal for enterprises from a few hundred employees to tens of thousands.


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Account GeneousAccount Geneous
Web 10.2 (AGW)

Identity Management

ACCOUNT GENEOUS provides an access and Identity Management System, which enables you centralized provisioning over your company’s heterogeneous systems. Role based access and control. Built-in security and encryption. Support of pre- and postscripts. Templates for standardized creations. Workflows supporting business processes with monitoring, escalation and delegation. Auditing, Reporting, Tracking.


Account GeneousPassword Geneous-Sync
WEB 10.2 (PGS)

Password Synchronization

PASSWORD GENEOUS-SYNC is a Web-based Password Management Software, that offers synchronization of passwords over multiple platforms and applications. Same log-on for all systems. Linking of differing UserID. Support for LDAP DB synchronization. Strong reduction of Helpdesk requests. Full audit with centralized reporting.


Account GeneousPassword Geneous
WEB 10.2 (PGR)

Password Self-Reset

PASSWORD GENEOUS SELF-RESET-PLUS is a Self Service Password Management System Software, that enables users a self-reset of their own passwords. Password complexity conformance.
Self administration of own DB. My File in Lotus environment. Workflows for faster provisioning and hard/software requests. Auditing and reporting of all saved data.

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