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The training given by GENEOUS focuses on the essential with a particular goal in mind: Helping you to get fast and efficient knowledge of the Tool(s) and thus guaranteeing maximum result and an additional return on your investment. For this we do work with Project Managers, System Administrators, Power Users as well as Help Desk Collaborators.


We do prepare different training packages to meet your particular company need on one side, and additionally taking into consideration of the information needed in a technical or non-technical environment.


Hereafter a possible Scenario of how an acquaintance with GENEOUS could occur.


In a possible Proof of Concept (PoC) scenario Geneous technical people will make an installation of the desired product with the appropriate OS etc. In this phase there is a good possibility for the future GENEOUS-Administrators to look over the shoulder of GENEOUS. Thus getting then a good and very deep knowledge of installation, configuration and handling in general.


Geneous Schooling & Teaching


Once the final decision is made, a thorough evaluation is made which has the aim of establishing the best and most appropriate training scenarios – training on managing User Accounts, on Identity Management, or provisioning users, and so on – for the different IT-departments, groups, etc., being involved in the daily use of the GENEOUS suite of Products.

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